"A day together before school starts up again would be lovely. I was hoping to spend some time with my cousin as well before the school starts, perhaps the three of us could do something together? A gift exchange and then perhaps some light lunch and a day at the ice rink?"

That does sound like a good way to spend the day. This will also give me a chance to speak with your cousin a bit more. Last time we were in the same room, no one spoke. Then again, we were all watching movies. Would you like for me to pick you up tomorrow? Feel free to call me in the morning so we can further discuss details about the day ahead of us.

"Hello, Cyprian! I hope you have enjoyed your Howlidays. I am inboxing you to inform you that I purchased a gift for you for the Howlidays, and I would like to know when you are available to meet up so that I may give it to you. Please respond when you can."


Elisabet.. It is wonderful to hear from you again. I was beginning to believe that you were far too busy to be spoken with. I am pleased to hear that you have gotten a gift for me, as I have done the same for you. I will be more than glad to meet up with you when you are free. My days have been non-eventful as of late. It will do us some good to hang out once again. If you’d like, you may call me whenever you please. I have not had much of a chance to sleep lately. I will be available to meet up sometime today or even early tomorrow. We could spend the day together before school starts, if you’d like?

"Hello Cyprian! I had a wonderful time with you the other day at the ice rink! Thank you once again for accompanying me; I believe that you got the hang of it rather quickly! We should do this again sometime."

I would like to thank you for inviting me out. If you believe that it could be considered "quickly" then we must have different views on quickly. I am glad that you at least had a better time laughing at my not so rare moments of falling. I did, however, enjoy myself when I was not lying on the ice.

"I am sure that if you get the hang of it, you will enjoy it! I am planning to go on Wednesday in the afternoon. Would you be willing to pick me up and drive us? Perhaps we can go out to eat before the rink; it may be nice."

Tomorrow afternoon is fine by me. I will be able to pick you up and drive to the place of your choice. It does sound like you have a nice planned schedule for the two of us. I do hope that we will be able to enjoy it. I will see you tomorrow in school to further discuss any other decisions.

"Cyprian! I have almost forgotten; I would like to offer an invitation to you to join me in figure skating at the ice rink this week. I am fully willing to pay for your entry. Would you care to accept?"

I will have to admit, I am no good at that. I am not sure how much you will be able to enjoy yourself if I do attend with you. I will accept and will at least spend as much time with you before it is ruined by my horrible posture on ice. Thank you kindly for the invite.

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The pie she makes

"Hello Cyprian! I hope you have been having a good week; I am contacting to ask if you had any plans on Tuesday. You see, my mother, my little sister and I have a tradition of spending the night before All Hallows Eve having a Scary Movie marathon, complete with candy and popcorn; this year, my younger cousin may be joining us, however I was told I am allowed to invite a friend or two. I was wondering if you were interested in joining me and my family for this festivity?"

I thank you kindly for considering me as your first choice. At the moment, I do not have plans for that day. I would like to accept your invitation. I look forward to Tuesday.

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